A detailed overview of all trips and further usefull information relating to each site can be found in the summary page here or as a searchable list here – however, delegates should refer to the main booking link for current availablity or for any last minute changes once open. Trip locations are also listed under “sites” in the main menu with pictures intended to give an overview of the nature of each site. (to jump straight to trip types select one of the following  Underground / Surface)

There is also a link at the bottom of this page for other attraction in the South East that maybe of interest to delegates or their accompanying families.

Site restrictions

A considerable number of the sites involve agreements with landowners that permit access on the condition of “no publicity”. We must respect this. At recent NAMHO conferences there have been serious adverse consequences on some relationships with landowners due partly or wholly to postings on social media. The need to avoid advertising the exact location and access arrangements of many of these sites has become more acute in recent years. This is because of the trend for social media to be associated with criminal damage and trespass on some sites. In addition, there are legal issues over privacy when posting material involving other people. For these reasons, the bulk of the trips have a “no social media” condition, so that delegates are not permitted to post material on any social media website relating to these trips. For the avoidance of doubt, this not only includes services such as YouTube, Twitter and Facebook, but also websites such as AditNow and MineExplorer. Delegates on trips should expect to be required to sign agreements to this effect. These may involve the provision of financial indemnities in favour of the landowners for breaches of this condition. Trips with exceptions from this general policy are those which are often open to the paying public and these are explicitly stated in the trip notes when booking.

Video restrictions

In general, attendance on trips require that that there is no video or filming. This includes the use of GoPro or similar devices. To some extent, this is linked to the issues with social media outlined above. Experience suggests that video recordings have been particularly likely to cause difficulties. Some guides are also unwilling to be subject to video, film or sound recording.


For most trips, photography is permitted  underground for private purposes only. Above ground there are more complex issues relating to privacy. From a practical viewpoint, the main concerns relate to photographs that identify locations of entrances, or access or security arrangements. To avoid complexity we have found it necessary to prohibit above ground photography on most trips, except where “Photography permitted” is shown in the trip notes. In all cases,  photographers will be expected to have consideration for other delegates in the use of  flash or bright lights and in maintaining good timing of the trip.

Other sites and attractions

We have compliled a list of other sites and attractions that maybe of interest to delegates or their families here.