All lectures will be held at the Godstone village hall  (also known as the ‘White Hart Barn’) a short distance from the main conference campsite. Booking is not required for lectures as we expect to be able to accommodate all delegates attending.

Saturday09:15Introduction and welcome - Chair
Saturday09:30Tracy Elliot (The Trevithick Society)
Saturday10:45Peter Burgess (WCMS) - Opening the Reigate Caves
Saturday11:45Paul Sowan (WCMS) - Surrey hearthstone mining and the hearthstone trade
Saturday13:30Jon Barker (National Trust) Fan Bay Shelters
Saturday14:45Jon Maisey (Gloucester Speleological Society) - Windrush Quarry
Saturday15:45Pete Jackson (NAMHO) The future of NAMHO as a national voluntary organisation
Saturday16:45Post-lecture site visit - small easy sand mine nearby

Sunday09:00Hamish Orr-Ewing (Avon Industrial Buildings Trust) - Brandy Bottom Colliery Project
Sunday10:00Paul Thorne (KURG) Investigating limestone mines at Burwash
Sunday11:00John Smiles (KURG) - Saving Wartling ZUN
Sunday12:00Peter Claughton (NAMHO) - Working across boundaries - Research Framework for the Arch. of the Extr. Industries in England
Sunday13:45Dave Hardwicke (SGMRG) - Serridge Pumping Engine Project
Sunday15:00Richard Shaw (BGS retired) - BGS projects pertinent to the mine-explorer
Sunday15:30Hugh Carson (Ecton Mines Educational Trust) - (1) Dressing floor project (2) submersible drones